What is Streetwear? Exploring the Evolution and Culture of Urban Fashion

What is Streetwear? This is a fashionable style that has gradually gained popularity. It refers to the style of hip hop, graffiti, and skateboarding. Urban style also inspires this style. Streetwear fashion is based on casual clothing, bold logos, graphics, and slogans. Initiated in the 1980s and 1990s, it has become one of the most popular fashion trends that is still evolving. What is the history of Streetwear style? What are its characteristics? What are the most popular Streetwear brands?

  • What is Streetwear? It is not just a fashion trend!
  • How do you recognize Streetwear style?
  • The most popular Streetwear brands

What is Streetwear? It is not just a fashion trend!

What is Streetwear style? Initially, Streetwear clothing was the only fashion trend that perfectly reflected the laid-back attitude of skateboarding and surfing enthusiasts. They wore loose clothes that provided them with comfort, which rebelliously opposed the demanding dress code prevailing at home and on the street.

It was then that the first fashion clothing manufacturers began to produce clothes perfect for surfers and skateboarders. The designs found on clothes and reefs often had a strong message.

Then it was time for hip hop to grow in popularity. Famous artists began to popularise some Streetwear brands, thanks to which it became a style noticed not only among young people, but also among celebrities.

In the 1990s, streetwear became very popular in Japan. In this way, this style began to become an international fashion and, for many, a lifestyle.

That’s why fashion designers became interested in the Streetwear industry and started introducing elements of this style into their catwalk creations. It is no longer just street style, which until recently was far from typical haute couture.

If you want to learn more about the history of Streetwear and its fashion industry, you can find it on the website

How do you recognise Streetwear style?

One of the most recognisable elements of Streetwear clothing are wide T-shirts with bold prints. Graphic designs printed on T-shirts allow you to express your personality, beliefs, and interests. Clothing in this style is loose. Both the pants and the T-shirts are oversized. The sweatshirts have hoods, and the entire outfit does not restrict movement.

Another important element of such an outfit are sneakers. Sneakers are the most popular. They go perfectly with wide, loose jeans or sweatpants. A baseball cap with interesting prints is also important.

It is good to know that every element of such an outfit is well-thought-out. It provides comfort and is very useful. Nowadays, many elements of this style are used not only in street fashion. Streetwear is also loved by stars, celebrities, famous personalities and fashion designers. You can recognise the features of this style also in styles for more elegant occasions.

The most popular Streetwear brands

Best Streetwear brands, which initiated the production of clothing in this style are Stussy and Supreme. The style became popular when Adidas and Kangol started releasing their products. However, in Japanese street fashion, the Bathing Ape brand is highly appreciated.

The popularity of this style means that it is already an element of street culture. The development of this style will include greater attention to ecological aspects and the creation of designs ideal for both genders.

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